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Journal publications aim to advance the state of the art or understanding in a specific scientific discipline. Hence, a journal only publishes papers that meet its scope of publication and immediately rejects those that do not.

AuthorONE identifies the concepts discussed in your paper and matches them with those of the journal to provide you with an instant scope match result so you can avoid rejection and save time. Even better, it suggests journals you can publish in so you don't spend time finding the right journal for your manuscript.


Your manuscript matches the scope of the journal

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  • Malaria Journal

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  • Frontiers in Psychology

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Concepts and Summary


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Journals often require you to submit a cover letter summarizing your research along with the manuscript.

AuthorONE's cutting-edge AI generates a holistic, representative summary of your paper, highlighting the important topics and concepts of your paper. Writing a cover letter is quick and easy with AuthorONE.



coluzzii Anopheles gambiae sympatry Benin species contribution


Abstract Background: The main goal of this study was to assess the blood feeding behaviour and the contribution Anopheles coluzzii and Anopheles gambiae. Methods: The study was carried out in 6 districts of 2 regions of Benin (Alibori and Donga). Introduction In the study area targeted for IRS campaign, where the 2 species are sympatric, the recorded data will be used to compare the impact of IRS on each of the 2 Anopheles populations. The objective of this study was to assess the blood feeding behaviour and the contribution in malaria transmission of each of the 2 sibling species (An. gambiae, two sibling vector species living in sympatry in the study area and which were likely exposed to the same selection pressure for resistance. Conclusion But, a good impact on malaria control in Alibori and Donga is expected if pirimiphos methyl (organophosphate) is used again for IRS in Benin as in previous years, because of the very low level of the ace-1 mutation in both species. coluzzii is characterized by lower frequencies of the ace-1 mutation.


anopheles coluzzii, anopheles gambiae, sporozoite index, entomological inoculation rate, alibori, donga, benin

Writing Quality 16 Checks

Correct grammar and spelling and an academic writing style ensure quicker acceptance of your manuscript and faster promotion to peer review from the desk review stage.

AuthorONE uses state-of-the-art AI to check the quality of your writing on 16 parameters including grammar, spelling, and academic writing style. Now avoid desk-rejection for poor language and get published easily with AuthorONE.


  • Grammar, Usage, and Syntax
    Example - 1

    Most of the VacA is containcontained in the membranes of vacuoles.

    Comment: Verb form: Change the verb 'contain' to its past participle form or -ing form, or insert 'to' before this verb, or delete 'is'.

    Example - 2

    The yak were colored white to distinguish them, but it was difficult to make out the difference.

    Comment: Possible missing verb: Please check if a verb like 'is' or 'was' is required after 'it'.

  • Spelling and Typos
    Example - 1

    Affinity for LFA-1 may be of general importance in the immuno-suppressive effctseffects of VacA.

    Comment: Please check the spelling.

    Example - 2

    LFA-1 is also exposed on the surface of other lukocytesleukocytes including granulocytes.

    Comment: Please check the spelling.

  • Writing Enhancement
    Example - 1

    The yak like to roam freely in nature and do grazing graze in pastures with their herders guarding them.

    Comment: Eliminate wordiness: Here 'do' denotes action, but 'grazing' denotes the real action, thus making this phrase redundant. Change 'do grazing' to the present or past tense form of 'grazing'. There could be prepositions connected with 'grazing' that need to be deleted or an adverb that should be shifted.

    Example - 2

    They’reThey are terrified and could have undergone trauma.

    Comment: Formal writing tip: Use 'They are'. Contractions are usually spelled out in academic papers.

  • Punctuation
  • Sentence Structure
  • Word Choice and Usage
  • US/UK Style
  • Prepositions
  • Verbs
  • Pronouns and determiners
  • Scientific tone
  • Capitalization spacing
  • Style guide preferences
  • Non-specific usage
  • Technical phrasing

Inclusive Language

Academic writing needs to be objective, unbiased, and factual. Use of inappropriate, biased language can lead to rejection at the desk review stage, without your paper reaching peer review.

AuthorONE checks your writing for the use of biased or inappropriate language and suggests corrections so you can avoid desk rejection for inadvertent use of inappropriate language and reach peer review faster.


Example - 1

Social problems among epileptics

Comment: Bias-free language tip: Use people-first language to maintain the integrity and worth of all people as human beings. Replace 'epileptics' with 'individuals with epilepsy' or 'people with epilepsy'.

Example - 2

The Industrial Revolution brought about an irreversible transformation in mankind’s relationship with nature.

Comment: Bias-free language tip: To avoid gender-biased language, consider using ‘humankind’, ‘human beings’, ‘humanity’, ‘human race’, or ‘humans’ instead of ‘mankind’. However, if this term is required by the context, please retain the word choice.

Word Count Reduction


Concise writing is crucial to academic writing. Lengthy writing can discourage your readers and hinder comprehensibility. Journals often impose strict word count limits.

AuthorONE identifies lengthy sentences and suggests corrections so you can make your paper concise and impactful. Now meet your journal’s instructions and make an impact with ease.


Example - 1

These patients indicated that FMS had brought about a decreasedecreased in their QOL.

Comment: Word count reduction tip: To make this phrase more lively and concise, consider substituting it with the tense-matched form of 'decrease'.

Example - 2

They do contain errors which are sufficiently large asenough to be worrisome.

Comment: Word count reduction tip: Replace the highlighted phrase with 'large enough to'.



The manuscript must contain original research work, and studies of other authors must be appropriately acknowledged and cited. Not doing so is considered unethical and is often a cause of rejection. The plagiarism module runs its advanced algorithm to match your text against thousands of sources and identifies potential plagiarism so that you can revise or cite the sources.



The English article system could be learned through the separation between classification (a and zero) and identification (the).

Score 93.07%


Parsers adhere to the principles of robustness, augmentation and concurrency.

Score 48.3%


The last decades of the 20th century have witnessed a surge in the publication of research articles authored by NNS scholars in international peer-reviewed English journals (Wood, 2001).

Score 07.2%

Ethical Compliance 2 Checks

Any research that involves humans or animals must seek ethical approval from an appropriate regulatory body. Similarly, authors of a paper must declare commercial associations and funding support that may bias the conduct and reporting of the study and its results. Not declaring these details may delay your publication or even lead to rejection. AuthorONE ensures you have made all these declarations so you sail through editorial desk screening.


1. Informed Consent
Statement - Informed, written consent was obtained from all participating families.

2. Ethics Statement
Statement - The experimental protocol (Protocol XXX, approval date XXX) was approved by the Ethical Committee of the University of XXX.

3. Funding Support Premium
Statement - This study had not received any financial support.

4. Conflicts of Interest Premium
Statement - The authors declare no conflicts of interest.



5 Checks

Authorship declarations include author name, affiliation, correspondence, and contribution details. These disclosures help readers identify the researcher group behind the study, their contact details, and the contribution of each researcher to the study.


Author Contributions have been made

Study concept and design - J.M., A.S., R.K., A.D.
Drafting of manuscript - J.M.
Critical revision of the manuscript for important intellectual content - J.M., R.K., R.K., A.D.
Statistical analysis - J.M.
Interpretation of data - J.M., A.S., R.K., A.D.



4 Checks

An abstract is a condensed representation of your research that helps the editor and peer reviewer quickly understand your research aims and conclusions. A holistic abstract is also vital to garnering higher readership and citations. Journals also place restrictions on the word count and the structure of the abstract.


  • A structured abstract of 300 words was found.

Keyword Suggestions


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Appropriate keywords help increase your paper's discoverability. Finding appropriate keywords that aptly represent your research and meet journal requirements can be difficult.

AuthorONE understands your paper and suggests relevant keywords to help you save time. Even better, it suggests which keywords are MeSH terms, too.


You may consider using the following keywords.

  • AnophelesMeSH
  • SympatryMeSH
  • BeninMeSH
  • Malaria transmissionMeSH

Manuscript Sections 3 Checks

Journals often prescribe the sections and headings to be used in a manuscript and may restrict the number and levels of headings to use. Not meeting these requirements can delay your publication.

AuthorONE identifies these headings and alerts you if any headings are missing and makes sure you comply with all journal requirements.


The following sections were found. Make sure this is according to journal requirements.

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • References
  • Appendix



4 Checks

To ensure due credit and acknowledgment, journals require that you cite all previous studies you had referred to. Journals may restrict the number of such citations and prefer citations in a particular style.

AuthorONE checks your references for these parameters and ensures you meet journal requirements. It even alerts you to the use of old (obsolete) references so you can avoid criticism on peer review.


The following references have been cited. Check whether each reference meets the style requirement of the journal

  • Alegre, J. M. and Garau Taberner, J. (2011), “Determinants of tourist satisfaction at sun and sand mass destinations”, in Cerina, UF., Markandya, A., McAleer, M. (Eds.), Economics of Sustainable Tourism, Routledge, Oxon, pp. 24–40.
    Numeric style

  • Andriotis, K., Agiomirgianakis, G., and Mihiotis, A. (2008), “Measuring tourist satisfaction: A factor-cluster segmentation approach”, Journal of Vacation Marketing, Vol. 14, pp. 221–235.
    Name-date style Obsolete



6 Checks

Figures help provide visual aids to your readers and summarize large amounts of information visually, increasing comprehensibility. All figures must be cited in the manuscript body and all citations must be in sequential order. Images should not contain any person-identifying features as well. Not complying with these requirements can lead to delays or desk rejection.

AuthorONE checks all your figures and citations to ensure you meet all submission requirements.


4 figures were found in your manuscript

  • All figures have captions.
  • Figure 2 is not cited.
  • All detected citations are in order.
  • No images contain person-identifying features.



5 Checks

Tables help in succinctly summarizing lengthy details. Tables must be cited sequentially in the manuscript. Journals may pose restrictions on the number of tables to be used and how to submit them. AuthorONE checks all your tables instantly and helps you meet all these requirements. Now get through desk screening easily!


4 table were found in your manuscript

  • All table have captions.
  • Table 2 is not cited.
  • All citations are in order.

Clinical Trial Information


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If your study reports a clinical trial's findings or details a registered trial, you should include the registration details. This helps reviewers and your readers access all information about the trial.

AuthorONE checks whether you have declared any trials IDs and fetches information on the trial so you are always sure of providing the right details.


Trial NCT03168997 was identified in your manuscript

  • This trial is registered on NCT. Click here to see more information.

Standard Technical Requirements


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AuthorONE checks your manuscripts for several standard publication requirements so you are always assured of meeting all requirements and sail through desk screening.

Technical checks

  • Manuscript title checks - provision and length
  • Manuscript type check
  • Manuscript word count check
  • Keyword checks - provision, count and MeSH validation